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Looking for a healthy alternative to aftershave or for something that helps with inflamed skin!? Schooleys Mountain's Spiced Bay Rum Aftershave is what you need. 


Handcrafted in Small Batches and formulated with premium ingredients, this one-of-a-kind recipe takes several weeks to brew. My great-grandpa came from Portugal and was a barber in the early 1900's. Some say his aftershave is still alive, we know it is! 


Distinctively spicy, sexy, slightly minty and with a hint of rustic lime it's been naturally disinfecting incidental shaving nicks and toning the skin of men for ages. Splash some on the next time you go out on the town and watch heads turn.


This is a vegan and gluten-free product.


Need something extra special? Check out our Spiced Bay Rum Gift Box Set.


2 fl oz | 59ml

4 fl oz | 237ml


PriceFrom $8.00
  • INFUSED WITH ESSENCE OF BAY TREE AND EXOTIC SPICES: Bay Rum is one of the timeless ingredients in aromas for men, and Schooleys Mountain Soap Bay Rum does the job at providing it! Our aftershave is a warm and exotic fragrance masterfully blending Bay Oil, citrus, and spices such as Bergamot, Orange, Mint, Bay Leaf, Cedar, Vetiver, and Musk giving you an intoxicating mix of aromatic delights! This is an Original Formula from our archives and is vegan-friendly.

    Schooleys Mountain Bay Rum cools, refreshes, and scents your skin. It is a spicy, warm, rich and distinctively masculine scent. However, it has been used as an aftershave, on hair and scalp, and also after bathing.


    Schooleys Mountain Soap is passionate about healthy skin, healthy people, and a healthy environment. We do not use synthetic ingredients, no fragrance oils, sulfates, silicones, or preservatives. Made with biodegradable certified organic ingredients, non-GMO, cruelty-free, sustainably produced, and ethically traded.

  • Here’s Schooleys Mountain Soap's guide on how to apply aftershave properly:

    To ensure you get the best out of your aftershave, follow these easy steps:

    PREPARE YOUR SKIN. Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure loose hairs and excess dirt is removed. The cool water will begin to close your pores after the heat from the shower and prepare your skin for the aftershave.

    SPRITZ THE AFTERSHAVE INTO YOUR PALM. Shake well and spritz three or four times into the center of your palm.

    GENTLY RUB ON YOUR SKIN. Gently apply the aftershave to your face and neck, massaging in a downward motion, making sure you get an even coverage to soothe any redness. Do not rinse away, the aftershave will soon soak in and do its work. It is also a gentle astringent.

    You may be wondering how much aftershave to use. Unlike cologne and perfume our aftershave can be worn with abundance. This is because the natural scent is extracted from skin-nourishing herbs and spices. This product is like a tincture in the sense that it takes over a month to formulate.

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