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If you are switching to natural products, start with probiotic deodorant. Schooleys Mountain probiotic deodorant contributes further to your health and wellbeing by helping you to practice safe sweats which is why we use ingredients in our deodorant that you can relate to like coconut oil, coco butter, shea butter, and essential oils, never baking soda, aluminum, phthalates, or talc. This deodorant works well because the probiotics contain a variety of healthy microorganisms, that fight bad bacteria naturally neutrulizing body odor. Please see application for further details.


Our deodorant glides across your skin, is non-greasy with no residue, and contains probiotics to provide effective odor protection. 


Non-toxic: aluminum free, no talc, parabens, propylene glycol, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, baking soda or gluten.


2.85 oz | 81g



- Citrus Cedarwood: Notes of sandalwood, sweet tangerines, and fresh greens come together with crisp water notes to leave you smelling cool and sophisticated.

- Herbal Mint: Fresh mint enriched with basil will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling naturally clean.

- Wild Lavender: aromatic flowers of lavandula angustifolia provide innumerable asthetic and medicinal properties to aid in relaxation and act as an antiseptic.

- Scent-free: if you’re a little sensitive to fragrance or simply prefer to go Au Naturale, this deodorant is for you. It's free of synthetic compounds so it won’t block your pores or mess with your body’s natural temperature. Plus, it’s packed with beneficial properties of probiotics for effective odor control with aloe vera to soothe and moisturize, so our Unscented Natural Deodorant will keep you smelling just like you.


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  • How Our Product Is Different

    - Smooth application

    - Nothing Extra Added

    - Aluminum Free

    - Baking Soda Free

    - Phthalate Free

    - Talc Free

    Clean & Effective Ingredients

    Made with naturally derived plant and vegetable based ingredients including:  Organic Coconut Oil and Unrefined Shea Butter


    Schooleys Mountain Soap is passionate about healthy skin, healthy people, and a healthy environment. We do not use synthetic ingredients, no fragrance oils, sulfates, silicones, or preservatives. Made with biodegradable certified organic ingredients, non-GMO, cruelty-free, sustainably produced, and ethically traded.


    Want to avoid the aluminum and preservatives that come with most traditional antiperspirants? Schooleys Mountain's all-natural probiotic deodorant is the answer. Unlike other deodorants on that market that include toxic ingredients like aluminum, parabens, triclosan (which is classified as a pesticide by the FDA), phthalates, propylene glycol, and strong fragrances. When we use these products, these harmful ingredients are applied directly near our lymph nodes. Did you know it only takes these chemicals 26 seconds to reach our bloodstream?

    Schooleys Mountain's natural cream deodorant is a healthy alternative. It acts as an odor-absorbing, moisturizing antimicrobial. The shea butter and coconut oil base provide a silky feel, soothes, and protects delicate underarm skin. The arrowroot powder and kaolinite clay which has a pH level of 5.5 (like our skin) absorb the moisture. Perfect for sensitive skin!

    Did you know that sweat doesn’t stink? Sweat is just a carrier for the bad bacteria detoxing through our armpits. Our product will not mask natural body odor but with probiotics and other healthy ingredients, it will neutralize it. Read on:

    Switching to natural deodorant is one of the best things you can do for your body. But we often hear our customers say, “Every natural deodorant I try doesn’t work!” This is because people don't understand that it can take up to 30 days for our bodies to regulate themselves, though for some the detox stage is shorter. We need to allow time for our bodies to readjust.

    Our underarms will smell especially bad for the first two weeks because that's when our sweat glands are purging all the built-up toxins, bacteria, and chemicals that have been blocked for so long but don't give up - this is when people often smell the worst and stop using the product. By the third week, you probably won't smell as bad—though you may begin to sweat extra hard as your body gives its final purge. You might also notice random patterns in the final few weeks of transition, like going a whole week with no smell then suddenly experiencing a random smelly day—the second half of your deodorant detox is your body's push toward balance. Stay the course and remember it won't be like this forever.

    Some things you can do to assist with the detox:

    • Expedite the purging phase by taking hot baths to open pores and encourage the body to sweat.
    • Where loose-fitting breathable clothes.
    • Increase exercise and water intake.

    *Note: eating red meat and highly sulfurous foods like broccoli can make you smell more pungent.

    Once your body balances out over the course of 30 days, you experience the full benefits of our all-natural deodorant and will be very satisfied! This is when you will really know how good our deodorant is. Besides the health benefits this product brings, you will not need to apply much of it and this cream will last a long time.

    How to apply:

    • Hold product momentarily to the skin to soften on contact with body heat.
    • Gently apply a small amount to underarms.
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