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Are you bothered by the mushy soap sitting in water in your soap dish? Our teak soap dish will fix that problem. It has a slanted drainage design to drain water quickly, and allow for the soap dry well thus preventing soap mush and extending life of the soap.


Why teak wood? It is the ideal wood for ing building boats beacause of its high content of silica and oil making teak extremely weather resistant. Its tight grain creates high tensile strength and its characteristics create a resistance to rot, fungi and mildew. So why wouldn't it be a perfect pair to your all natural botanical Schooleys Mountain Soap!


Size: 4.8" x 3.1" x .8"

2.8 oz


  • + Soap dishes are die cast by hand on-site in small batches.

    + Made with lots of <3.

    Schooleys Mountain Soap LLC handcrafts unique signature blends that are all natural, skin-friendly and contribute to living green. All of our recipes are created from scratch with high quality ingredients, formulating the best products around! All products are developed at our soap shack in NJ, USA.

    Affordable, sustainable, and accessible.

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