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Sparkling clean dishes! All without plastic, chemicals or artificial fragrances.


Schooleys Mountain organic solid dish soap is a satisfying experience in every way! This 6 oz. handcrafted solid dish soap is made with organic coconut, castor bean and a touch of organic citrus essential oils. Extremely effective and environmentally friendly. It will cut right through oily residue on your dishes and cooking utensils, scrub cookware, clean countertops, cutting boards, cooking spills, rug stains, clothing stains, etc. No task is outside of the realm of clean-up with this tough yet gentle-on-hands block-soap, you will love it!  


The set comes with a bamboo palm scrub brush with strong bristles made from the agave plant. It is 100% compostable. Depending on usage, the soap block could last longer than four months and the scrub brush a year.


Soap is hand poured into a reusable porcelain ramekin. Celestial bar refills can be purchased separately to insert into the ramekin when empty. Refills are 2.6 oz. each, sold in sets of two, and fit well in the dish.


Directions for use: wet the brush or sponge, gently rub over the surface of the soap, and scrub onto dirty dishes. A little bit goes a long way. *Allow soap and brush to dry between washes to extend life.


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