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Aromatically elevate your environment with Schooleys Mountain Soaps handcrafted air freshener sprays. They are light, refreshing, and odor-nuetralizing ways to transform your home into a romantic hideaway, private spa or just revitalize it.



All natural ingredients, safe, no toxic chemicals.

Non-toxic with no artificial perfumes, fragrances or chemicals, and no animal by-products. Non-toxic to children, pets, and the environment. SMS Air Fresheners don't just mask smells but neutralize them at the molecular level. Great for highly sensitive people.


Freshen up any room or area.

Our natural air freshener spray is perfect for home, bathroom, office, travel, carpet, car, fabrics, shoes, pet bedding, linens, upholstery, and more.


Choose one scent or gift the whole set: Calming Lavender; relaxing, Lemon Zest; refreshing, Pine Wonderland; invigorating, or Spicey Sandalwood; attracting and sensual.



4 oz | 118 ml


PriceFrom $8.00
  • + Wildcrafted essential oils.

    + Non-toxic.

    + Plant-based; vegan-friendly.

    + Biodegradable.


    Schooleys Mountain Soap handcrafts unique signature products that are all natural and contribute to living green. All of our recipes are developed with high quality ingredients. All goods are manufactured at our soap shack in NJ, USA.

    Affordable, sustainable, and accessible.

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