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A pleasant earthy aroma enhanced with a spicy blend of wildcrafted essential oils which includes orange and cinnamon spice. White glitter sparkles atop this moisturizing and energizing soap guaranteed to brighten up your day and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.


6.0 oz | 170 g


  • + Five to seven plant based oils.

    + Cocoa butter.

    + Shea butter.

    + Wildcrafted essential oils.

    + No synthetic fragrances.

    + Vegan-friendly.

    + Lots of <3.

    Schooleys Mountain Soap LLC handcrafts unique signature blends that are all natural, skin-friendly and contribute to living green. All of our recipes are created from scratch with high quality ingredients, formulating the best products around! All products are developed at our soap shack in NJ, USA.

    Affordable, sustainable, and accessible.

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