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This eco-friendly, reusable, soft mesh pouch is the perfect way to gently exfoliate skin while lengthening the life of your artisan soap. Use for full sized bars, small bars or tiny pieces. No more dropping of soap, soap waste, or tiny pieces clogging the drain. After use, simply hang to dry and avoid soap scum.



  • + Made from natural sisal hemp which comes from the agave cactus family.

    + Machine washable and when cared for properly, will last for years.

    + Approx. 3.5" x 5.5"

    Schooleys Mountain Soap LLC handcrafts unique signature blends that are all natural, skin-friendly and contribute to living green. All of our recipes are created from scratch with high quality ingredients, formulating the best products around! All products, excluding this one, are developed at our soap shack in NJ, USA. 

    Affordable, sustainable, and accessible.

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